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We are friends who came together through a shared love for making remedies from the plants growing around us. On Waiheke Island, we are surrounded by manuka, kawakawa, puha, chickweed, cleavers, dock, red clover, violet…

As we blended herbs, we wove together our trainings in the traditions of herbal medicine, organic growing, ayurveda, vibrational essences, and rongoa maori (Maori plant medicine). We created purposeful remedies for everyday ailments. 

Through the adventures of wild harvesting we recognised how fortunate we are to have many of the most  nutritional and medicinal plants at our fingertips.  Our brews included common weeds like dandelion and plantain, and sometimes we felt disheartened to witness the loss of such free healers through spraying. In these times of disconnection from natural health,  we felt called to make products which would reawaken common knowledge of the beneficial plants at the same time as making fresh plant medicine available to all. 

Like Hippocrates, father of modern medicine, we  also believe that food is our first medicine.  For centuries, herbalists have captured the active and mineral constituents of fresh plants in Apple Cider Vinegar.  So we rekindled this botanical brewing tradition for contemporary diets and lifestyles. We sourced the finest raw, organic cold-pressed cider vinegar from Kapiti Coast, and balanced medicinal flavours with sweet earthy roots and flowers. Our range of delicious and effective Epicurean Tonics was born. 

The subtropical climate of Waiheke Island lets us grow about 50 medicinals. Many more grow abundantly wild. We harvest in the morning, and brew in small batches in the afternoon – this way we capture the vitality of living herbs. Our cold pressed vinegar is fermented naturally with the mother. Our bees offer us wax for salves, honey for our cough syrup and propolis for our remedies. 

With respect to the generations of knowledge before us, and gratitude to our bees, gardens and wild places, we make remedies potent and effective as nature intended. We also offer workshops so that you can identify and use what grows around you for your everyday wellbeing. Our range will vary with the seasons, and keep on evolving.


Our Team

Nicole Bostock

Nicole Bostock

Nicole Bostock  has qualifications in herbal medicine, ayurveda, nutrition and yoga. She offers a natural medicine clinic, herbal dispensary and private retreats on Waiheke Island.


Meggan Young

Meggan Young

Meggan Young  is a longstanding organic grower qualified in permaculture, and a beekeeper. She has trained in rongoa Maori with Rob McGowan. She also makes vibrational essences and consults as a shamanic practitioner. 


Rosie Walford

Rosie Walford is a gardener, beekeeper, and former brand strategist. She now coaches leaders outdoors to expand their creative and regenerative thinking.