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Fresh plant remedies grown by herbalists on Waiheke Island


Apple cider vinegar has been prized by herbalists for centuries for good reason: it is alkalising to our system, and boosts the effectiveness of our digestion. Plant Medicine takes this natural tonic further,  infusing raw vinegar with effective and delicious healing herbs.  

Our base is CoralTree’s premium, cold pressed NZ vinegar, made from organically grown tree-ripened apples. We grow our own medicinal and nutritional plants that are known to support specific physiological functions. True to the tradition of botanical brewing, we pick, chop and steep in a matter of hours, to capture the active vitality of fresh leaves, flowers and roots. 

At the end of a lengthy infusion, each vinegar is potentiated with the distinctive properties and flavours of the herbs. An Epicurean Tonic is at once a delectable ingredient and a daily boost to natural health.  



Plant Medicine draws on the wisdom of cultures which have, for generations, harnessed the power of plants to heal. We grow, we wild-harvest, we keep bees. Then we blend time-tested formulations which carry the vitality of fresh harvested herbs, propolis, NZ natives and weeds.

It’s a huge honour that a renowned retiring herbalist  has entrusted us with her formulations to carry forward.